Worship Hinges on Honor

Give God Honor For
Who He is, What He has done,
& What He has yet to do.
I have come to realize that I do not worship God enough for the above reasons. Worship is more than just praise. It is honoring Him in all that I purpose to do. God is worthy of my respect and esteem. After all He created the heavens and the earth and has given me life.
Giving Him honor for who He is; Lord God Creator of all that is and was and ever shall be, sovereign Lord full of grace and truth, and a God of steadfast love. By being a good steward of His creation and giving Him His rightful place in my life.
Giving Him respect for what He has done; rescued me from death and the devil through Jesus’ death and resurrection and the many other blessing in my life such as a son and my heart’s desire in my second marriage with grown children whom I have come to love with all my heart. By telling others of His goodness and grace, and loving my family & friends as well as in singing praise songs.
Giving Him Honor for what He has yet to do; prayers waiting for God’s timing to be answered and for the return of Jesus to bring God’s kingdom. By continuing to stay in His word, attending corporate worship, and giving to those who serve His Name.
How can you give God honor in your life?
My prayer: Dear God in heaven, hallowed be Your name. May all I do and say bring You glory and honor. Help me to at the end of my day to look and see where I did or didn’t give You honor and seek Your forgiveness. Amen.

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