No Matter How Bad It Gets, God is in Control!

God is in Control

God is in Control from Daniel 7 & 8

As I have been studying Daniel in a group setting, I have learned a lot about how God is in control. Daniel, in his time, was an interpreter of dreams, yet, he did not try to interpret his own dreams (7:16; 8:15-17). He was wise not to try to interpret such awe-inspiring and yet terrifying dreams. He looked to God for answers. Even still, he had an emotional response to both dreams with the second making him physically sick (7:15; 8:27).  
After a time Daniel was able to get up and go about the king’s business (8:27). In Daniel’s second dream (8:23-25), there was a description of a king of bold face who shall cause fearful destruction with great power that was not his own. What strikes me in this passage is the last part of verse 25, “And he shall even rise up against the Prince of princes, and he shall be broken—but by no human hand.” Though this king was great and powerful, he was brought down not by human hand, meaning that God brings him down. This tells me that God is sovereign and nothing is beyond His control. 

My Take on This

Thus, my take home on this is that though times be tough and fearful, I need not fear for God is, without doubt, in control. He removes kings and sets up kings. Jesus has been given a dominion that is everlasting and His kingdom shall not pass away (7:13-14). Come what may I will be okay for God is in control and knows all things. Hence, it is like knowing that outcome of the game before it is even played. God wins!
All praise and glory be His now and forevermore!
My Prayer: Dear God in heaven, I praise Your Holy name for You are indeed in control and there is nothing to fear. Thank You for Your Son, Jesus, who reigns forevermore. Amen. 
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