Spiritual Rest

Good for the Soul.
In Matthew, I am instructed to turn to Jesus to find rest for my soul, for He is gentle and His yoke is easy. From Proverbs, I will dwell secure and be at ease, without fear or dread of disaster, if I listen to God’s wisdom. I looked up the definition for refuge and I chose the third definition; anything to which one has recourse for aid, relief, or escape. God is where I can turn for aid, relief, or escape for there is no other place that can afford me the security that He alone provides me. Psalm 62:8, God is my refuge and I am to trust in Him at all times. It is in Him that I find my rest and He will renew my strength that I may be all that He created me to be and do. Rest in Him; it does the body good! Another verse that comes to mind is Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God. Here I need more help with because it is not easy for me to be still. Yet, I cannot hear God speak to me if I am busy all the time.
If I am to be at my best, I need to heed God’s Word and pause from all my activity and spend time in His word. All work and no play makes me a very tired person. God desires to give me time to seek Him in order to receive that which is good for my soul.
How can you seek rest for your soul?
My Prayer: Dear God, may I find my rest in You. You alone are my refuge yet I am not always mindful of this. Help me to remember that You are my strength and source of rest. May others find rest in You as well. Amen.
Note: I will be absent for a few days but will return on Thursday. Blessings to you in His grace and peace.

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