Now For Something Completely Different

Something to consider; Could Even Illness/Infirmity Serve a Purpose?

My son’s favorite saying from Monty Python is, “Now for Something completely different.” Here is something different to consider. How can Illness/Infirmity serve a purpose?
Yes, I believe it can. Having come through a recent experience of my own, I have come to realize that if I expect myself to always be healthy or if I have a pity party when I am ill, I am being a perfectionist and unrealistic. It is wrong of me to think that life should always be sunny for after awhile I no longer appreciate it and start wanting it to rain. To expect God to instantly make me better is not being realistic either, though He can if it is His will for me. 
My infirmity serves a purpose in quite a few ways. One, it slows me down and requires me to call on God for strength. Two, it allows the opportunity for someone to serve and to give. Third, I can experience healing through different venues such as medicine, prayers of others, including the laying on of hands, and time. 
You see, in the Ecclesiastes passage there is a time for everything. In being ill, I have come to appreciate the help of others and the good health when it returns. Illness is the other side of the coin of health and it is a consequence of the fallen world. In the garden of Eve, long before sin entered in, there was no sickness and in heaven there will be no sickness either, therefore, until Christ returns, I must face whatever comes my way with God’s grace for in 1 Corinthians 12:9 His grace is sufficient. I cannot experience that grace unless I am in need of it. In my infirmity, I am to a be patient and be willing to ask for help. Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God. This is something I am still learning to do and He has a away of causing me to be still before Him. 
I challenge you the next time you find yourself ill, seek Him for His strength and His grace. Ask Him what He wants you to learn from Him.
My Prayer: Dear Gracious God, thank you for helping to see things differently and to understand that into my life illness will come but Your grace is sufficient. Be with those who are ill and give them strength. Amen. 

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