Reading God’s Word from Cover to Cover.

This is My Goal for the Year!
There have been two people who made an impression on me. One was a member of my church who died last week. His name was Tom and at his service it was mentioned that he had read the Bible from cover to cover 25 times and I have read and studied various books of the Bible but I have not read it from front to back. The other person was a female pilot who had learned to fly when she turned fifty. I am approaching fifty this year so I was thinking of what could I strive to accomplish. I decided to set myself a goal to read the Bible from front to back before my birthday next year. Then I had another thought, I am reading the Bible in the English Standard Version this year so why not read it again in another version such as American Standard Version. Therefore I am asking for accountability. I will post on Tuesdays how I am progressing and what I am learning. I started yesterday. Today, I read Genesis 3-6 and here are some thoughts on what I read.
Genesis 4:7b God is talking to Cain after Cain killed Abel. “And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at your door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it. Sin has its desire for me as well but I must rule over it. Meaning that I have a choice to let sin have its course or choose to refrain from it.
Genesis 5:24 & 6:9 Enoch and Noah both walked with God. God took Enoch and He spared Noah from the flood. I, too, desire to walk with God and let Him rule in my heart.
Genesis 6:6-7 God had regret in having created man and it grieved His heart. Genesis 6:12 gives the reason for this because the flesh had corrupted the earth. Yet Noah found favor with God verse 8. 
God gave specific directions to Noah for building the Ark. 6:22, Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him. I am always amazed at the faith of Noah for he did all that was commanded of him by God. This, too, should be my desire to do all that God has commanded me. One of His commands is to love one another and to forgive as I have been forgiven.

Challenge to you; What goals have you set for yourself?

 My prayer: Dear Father in heaven, I am thankful that I can read and that I have Your Word available to me. Help me to be faithful to my goal and place in me the desire to follow through. Amen.

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