Let Your Yes Simply be Yes

And Your No Simply be No …
Matthew 5:37b
Anything more than that comes from the evil one.
Why is it that saying No is so hard? Each person has the right to say No without guilt or explanation. This is why I like this verse. I am to let my Yes be Yes and my No be No anything more is from the evil one. I need not explain the reason for my No. It is one of my hang-ups to be overly concerned about the other person’s reaction to my No. I am fine with someone telling me No because I know when I ask that it is an option that I have to accept. On the other hand, if I make a great deal about saying Yes like expecting someone’s gratitude in return then I am not acting properly either. The same can be said if I find myself trying to explain or defend my saying No. When I ask someone for a Yes or No, I am ready to accept their answer without any explanation for their response. 
I learned from the book titled, “Boundaries,” that in order for my Yes to be an honest Yes and not a reluctant Yes I need to be comfortable with saying No. So why is it so hard to tell a family member No? The answer is people pleasing. One has to be free from the fear of negative emotions to be able to say No. I have to recognize whose problem is it and then not take it as mine. The other person can be angry or not. It is not my place to fix it. I also need the freedom to be told no and to have my feelings about it and get over it by myself.

An honest answer is like a warm hug. Proverbs 24:26 from The Message. 
An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. (NIV)

The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious and win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him. Ecclesiastes 10:12 AMP

So I encourage you to let your Yes be Yes and your No be No. Let us be honest with one another.

My Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, help me to give an honest answer to anyone who asks. Let my Yes be Yes and my No be No. Forgive me when I do anything else. Amen.

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