Following Christ’s Example

All By The Grace of God!
 Romans 15:5-6; Colossians 3:13
With God’s amazing grace and the power of His Holy Spirit, I can make every effort to walk in His example. I must die to self and allow Jesus to increase in me in order to follow in His footsteps. The rewards are great not only here but also in heaven. The more I follow in His steps the more I become accustomed to doing so. I am happy with myself and my spirit is light. All is for His glory. He makes it all possible and often I am stupefied as to how God does it. His word tells me that He has the means to transform me and that I live for Christ and because of Him. This is the mystery found in Christ. 
How it is that people would choose to live without Him is beyond me. Studying Revelation this year has shown me that God has it all figured out. He is waiting, oh so, patiently so that all may come to the saving knowledge of His son, Jesus. Yet, there will come a time when the waiting is over and God will bring about His judgement and remove sin. It is my responsibility to speak for Him and to testify to the Word of God. Following Christ’s example, to do the Father’s will. To live for Christ is gain. With the help of God, I can bear with my fellow Christians and forgive as He has forgiven me.
Challenge: Whose example are you following?
My Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, forgive me, my Lord, for I am weak and I often chose the easy way. You alone have the power to bring about true change in me and to give me the desire to follow Your example. Give me a boldness to testify to Your glory. Amen.

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