Faith of Abraham!

The Sacrifice of Issac
Genesis 22:1-19
God tested Abraham.
This is what I was reading this morning. There are a couple of really great points that struck me in this reading. First, God uses the words “your son, your only son” three times in this chapter, verses 2, 12, and 16. I found this significant because God sacrificed His one and only son, Jesus. This chapter is a foreshadowing of God’s plan of salvation. 
Yes, this is a tough topic of discussion. That is why the second point that stuck out to me was Abraham’s faith is key to making sense of it all. When God called him to sacrifice Issac, we do not find him challenging God and refusing to do so. I read in the very next verse that Abraham obeyed God. Verse 5 Abraham tells the others to wait while he and Issac go to worship and (they) will come again to you. Abraham had complete faith in God that He would work it out. Abraham believed in the resurrection because he trusted in God’s promise. Verses 7- 8 Issac questions his father and Abraham tells Issac that God will provide. Abraham loved God enough to lay down his son’s life before him yet God stopped Abraham’s hand and provided a lamb for the sacrifice.
You see, God wanted to know what was in Abraham’s heart and God blessed Abraham greatly. God later proves His love for His creation by sacrificing His one and only Son, Jesus. 
I have to admit that I am a lazy Christian at times. I find myself at times not wanting to work at it, be it my faith or relationships. I want it to be easy but it isn’t as I have often read in the Bible and experienced for myself. I confess my laziness and desire to grow through putting forth effort in all things.
My Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, forgive me for my laziness and inspire me me to do what is right in Your eyes. Test me and know what is in my heart. Increase my faith that I may glorify You in all I do. Amen.

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