Chew On This!

You Are What You Eat; 
Ever Thought of God’s Word as Food?
How does one chew on the Word of God? You maybe be familiar with Psalm 34:8 which tells us to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” But there are other places in the Bible that describe God’s word as food. Even Jesus said that man cannot live on bread alone but the by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). The prophet, Jeremiah, ate God’s words and they became a joy and a delight to his heart (Jeremiah 15:16) then he was called by God. Another prophet, Ezekiel, was instructed to eat a scroll given to him and it tasted sweet as honey (Ezekiel 3:1-6) and then he was called to prophesy to the house of Israel. The apostle John while in exile and in the spirit also received instructions to eat a scroll. He was told that it would be bitter on his stomach but sweet as honey in his mouth (Revelation 10:8-11). He, too, was then to prophesy about many people and nations and kings. King David found God’s words to be sweet as honey to his mouth as well (Psalm 119:103). Taking in God’s word, these men were sent to share it with others.
How can digesting God’s word help one to share it with others? By digesting it, it becomes a part of me much like the food I eat. When the opportunity presents itself, I find that God’s word comes to my mind and I am able to impart it to others. His words are in my thoughts and in my prayers. Yet, when I deprive myself of it I am prone to grumble/complain as well as be a bit self-centered in my thinking. I am thankful to have God’s word so that I can spend time reading and digesting it. I am called to share what God has given me.
My challenge to you is to chew on the Word of God and taste and see that He is good.
My Prayer: Lord God, give me a hunger and thirst for Your word so that I may take it in and make it a part of me. Forgive me for times when I am neglectful to read and digest Your word. Amen. 

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