Anthony Armadillo Arrives in Alabama

Well, I did it! I have written my first book for children. Inspired by my niece and our shared love for words. Anthony Armadillo Arrives in Alabama in time for its Bicentennial celebration. He meets different state animals and insects along his way through the Dixie state. Anthony gets to drive the official pace car at Talladega Speedway. During his travels, he has the opportunity to go by boat, train, and plane. He visits the state capital and learns a bit about state government. There is a grand parade, too.

Most importantly, I want to point out the gorgeous illustrations which give the reader a vivid idea of where Anthony travels. This is a reader for ages kinder to third grade. Certainly, young and old will enjoy this trip through the state of Alabama.

In addition, Lauren Whitacre Schwartz is a very talented illustrator. We have a mutual friend who connected us and made this book possible. Lauren has made Anthony unique and likable. Thank you to our friend Sharon for making this possible.

In conclusion, please take a look and see for yourself that Anthony is worth reading and share with your friends. Lauren and I have dedicated this book to the people in our lives that we love. For me, I have dedicated this book to my niece. At the time that Anthony went to print my niece was 4 years old.

Where You Can Get Your Copy

Therefore, here is a link to my Bookshop where you can order a copy for yourself or a child in your family. This book will make a great gift. I have done my best to make learning fun!

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